Chloe Cable Poncho Knitting Tips

The Chloe Cable Poncho is a sophisticated layering piece for changing seasons. Holding Dale Garn Terne and Be Sweet Skinny Wool together as you knit creates a tweed-like fabric that’s super-soft and warm. Caroline Moore is the designer of this item, chosen for our Fall KAL. We are confident that you’ll conquer cable knitting using these handy tips so that you can enjoy wearing your new garment in no time!

Crochet Cast-On to Begin

Chloe Cable Poncho in Be Sweet and Dale Garn

Chloe is cast on using both yarns and a crochet cast-on. Note that this is not a provisional cast-on technique (although it can be used as such), but rather a way to create an edge that looks like a chain. The benefit of this style of cast-on is that it more closely matches the bind-off in appearance. This is an important feature as the pattern involves seaming of the long edges, you want the bottom edge and top edge to align. As we discussed in the Spring Dream Spring KAL, you may want to put each ball of yarn in its own ziplock bag to prevent tangling as you work.

Working Cables

Working Cables on the Chloe Cable Poncho

The cables are made up of twelve knit stitches, crossing 6 over 6. We do recommend the use of a cable needle or double pointed needle to assist in crossing the stitches. There are too many to work without a holder and care needs to be taken to not drop one of the two held yarns!

Finishing with the Mattress Stitch

After knitting, you will likely want to gently block the piece to make the next step of seaming easier. Mattress stitch is a durable method to join knit fabric and when it is done well, is difficult to find when you are looking at the right side of the fabric. Working the Mattress Stitch can be almost meditative as you get in the groove.

Seaming Chloe Cable Poncho

The steps are quite simple:

  1. Lay the two sides flat next to each other with the right sides facing up. In the photo shown above, we have used locking stitch markers every few inches to keep the stitches lined up.
  2. Start at the end opposite the fold. Locate the small horizontal bar in-between the two stitches closest to the edge.
  3. Take your tapestry needle, threaded with the yarns, and pass from back to front below the first horizontal bar immediately above the cast-on edge.
  4. Pass the needle into the the space below the first horizontal bar on the other fabric, and come up and out the space above that horizontal bar.
  5. Bring your needle back over to the first fabric, insert your needle under the next running stitch in the column, come out in the space just above it.

Continue on, back and forth up to your locking stitch marker, placed as indicated in the pattern. We’ve worked a small section of stitches in the contrasting red yarn to make it easier to see. Click here to see a short clip on the Be Sweet Yarns Instagram page!

How to mattress seam on the Chloe Cable Poncho

What a nice seam!

Mattress seam completed on the Chloe Cable Poncho

However you choose to style your Chloe Cable Poncho, it is sure to be a piece you grab again and again!

How to wear the Chloe Cable Poncho

Select Your Chloe Cable Poncho Kit

Chloe Cable Poncho Kits

The Chloe Cable Poncho is available to purchase at the Heart of the Mitten and includes the yarn and pattern. We’ve taken the guesswork out of pairing these yarns together by creating 8 stunning colorway options.


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Chloe Cable Poncho Kit and Knitting Tips

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