SuzyB’s Scood

SuzyB’s Scood


Our good friend, Susan Grim of SuzyB Knits in Smicksburg, PA, designed this soft and cuddly cowl/scarf that can be pulled up as a hood or worn around your neck as a scarf for comforting warmth on those blustery winter days. Thank you, Susan, for sharing!!

1 skein Mango Moon Dreadlocks
Size 19 US Needles

Cast on 20 stitches using a provisional cast on.

Row 1: knit first stitch, knit wrapping yarn twice around needle the next 18 stitches, knit the last stitch.

Row 2: Purl all the stitches dropping the extra wraps

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until piece measures approximately 35 inches, making sure you leave enough yarn to sew it together (about two yards).

Kitchener Stitch both ends together and weave in loose ends.

Not adventurous enough for the Kitchener Stitch? Use a traditional cast on and bind off. Just sew the ends together when finished!