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Knitting Tips for the Spring Dream Cover-Up

Knitting Tips for the Spring Dream Cover-Up

Spring Dream is a super little cover up for all seasons. Be Sweet’s Skinny Wool and Bamboo combined with Mango Moon’s Twist give this sweet top a soft, luxurious feel. This project, designed by Susan Grim, was our chosen item for a spring knit-a-long (KAL). It’s not just a spring thing though, anytime is a good time to work this project! Today we’d like to share a few tips to help you make it a success!

Working with Multiple Yarns

Three yarns, of different weights and textures, are held together as one resulting in a unique fabric. When preparing your yarns, it is your choice to first wind the yarns into one large “cake” or to keep the three balls separate. Keep in mind that if you wind all three yarns together, the total lengths are different; be prepared to bring in a side ball of the yarn that has the shortest yardage (in this case, Bamboo).

How do you work with multiple yarns?

Here’s a tip from the designer herself: when working with multiple yarns it helps to put each ball in its own zip lock bag…this helps to keep them under control as you knit.

Working the K1RB Stitch

K1RB takes a little attention to get started if you’re not used to it. K1RB stands for Knit 1 in the Row Below. It’s not an increase or decrease here, rather it makes a lovely texture! In the image below, we’ve pointed out where a normal knit stitch would be worked. For this unique stitch, you knit into the spot in the row below instead of knitting into the “normal” spot, as illustrated in the image below.

Spring Dream how to knit the K1RB stitch

Joining to Work in the Round

The body of Spring Dream is knit flat, and after knitting to the desired length a few rows of garter stitch, it is time to join for knitting in the round. This is worked in 5 easy steps to create the overlap detail on the front:

  1. Start with 6 stitches on a holder or spare needle, as instructed at the end of the garter section.
  2. Place the first 5 stitches of the beginning of the round on a spare needle or holder and hold to the side for now.
  3. Begin the round by knitting together one stitch from the 6 stitches with one stitch from the needle.
  4. Continue in stockinette stitch to the last 5 stitches of the round.
  5. Knit together one stitch from the 5 stitches held with one of the last 5 stitches on the needle.


Easy steps to work Spring Dream in the round

Change needle sizes and continue on in the pattern as instructed.

The Spring Dream Kit is available to purchase at the Heart of the Mitten and includes the yarn and pattern. Nine colorways are available in three different sizes.

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Tips for Knitting the Spring Dream top from Heart of the Mitten